If you are interested in our list of champions, please click on the championcross 



We hardly show anymore but when we come…. we still conquer the first places:

Champ Show Schnauzerclub: “Luigi” Unbelievable del Guidante 2 Exccellent Res. CAC, res. best male

Top Target Nina Richi  “Nina”1st Excellent intermediate class

Moneypenny le Chien de Maigret  just 9 months in youthclass Very Good

Staccato du Greffier du Roi 2 Excellent youthclass and res. CAC

and to top it all: Pizzicato du Greffier du Roi 1 Excellent, Best of breed youthdog, Best bitch CAC on her very first show!!!


We don’t show as much as we did before but stil when our dogs are there they still compete with the best results!

July 7: IDS Echt. Dit Rien du Greffier du Roi aka Pinot Noir and Holmchappell Mézaire aka Cyd both won the CAC & CACIB andPinot became Best of Breed. For both dogs it was the first time out!  

Besides Swiss and Danish champion Voir Plus Haut du Greffier du Roi is now  CIE Champion (International Show Champion FCI)

Don Luigi conquered everything on his first show: Best of Breed Miniature P&S puppy and Best in Show Puppy on the Ch. Clubshow and Best in Show Brace with Cato.




January 2018: Palomino starts his career in the USA and taking it by storm!! shown 15 times: 15x BOB, 12x BEST IN GROUP and already a BEST in SHOW!!    Incredible !!!



Voir Plus Haut du Greffier du Roi Swiss Youth Champion!!

owner Kira Lorenson 

Int. Dogshow Zwolle 8-10-2017:   “VIVA” Qui Vivra Verra du Greffier du Roi  finishes her Dutch Championtitle in style by becoming 1 exc. CAC & CACIB  Best Opposite Sex. Everey time she was shown she became best bitch by beating champions. She really follows her mothers footsteps Multi Ch. Unicum du Greffier du Roi.

Viva’s daughter Salute ( On Aura Tout Vue du Greffier du Roi) became Very promising and Best puppy in breed.

We also showed our first homebred MiniSchnauzer Cantate du Grefffier du Roi and she got the Res. CAC on her very first show!

Europasieger Dortmund may 27: Palomino wins Best male Europasieger 2017 and Best of Breed! later he became 3rd Best in Group. He can add yet another 2 titles to his enormous list. See his own page.

Paroles won her 2nd CAC in Germany

Our first show this year: April 23  the CCF French Hound Clubshow in Germany:

We took 2 females and 1 male.  Palomino won Best male and went Best of Breed. Paroles Paroles  won Best bitch and our french girl Juno took also 1st excellent and CAC.. Then Palomino topped it all by becoming Best in Show!! under breed specilist judge mrs. Jette Ramvad from Danmark. We are superproud!


Mr. P winning BIS CCF 2017 Junon des Hautes Clauzes Paroles Paroles du Greffier du Roi



Winnershow Amsterdam 11-12-2016

Palomino strikes again….. he wins his third Winnertitle and Best Of Breed and later  also BEST IN GROUP

© KYNOWEB - - Photo by Ernst von Scheven
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven

So proud of our golden boy.

But there was more…. Junior male Qui Vive  the Juniortitle and 2 full CC, his sister Qui Vivra Verra did it even better. She won the Juniortitle and Best Junior in Breed then went to become Best Bitch beating the winners bitch of the French National’16 for the second time !!! She is only shown 4 times and has 6 tickets already!!

She really fills her mothers footsteps  ( Multich. Unicum du Greffier du Roi)

Rotterdam show

Palomino won BOB and res. best in group

World dogshow 24-06-2016 in Moskou


WORLDCHAMPION for the 3rd Time!!!

and then he was selected with the best 6 of the Group!!!! Palomino FB banner 13566917_1119914211364349_6395356045979936247_n


24 of may Huntingdogshow in Anrhem for group 4,6,7,8

Again Qui Vive get’s his youthpoint as did his sister Qui Vivra Verra but she also became BEST BITCH by beting the bitch that won the CC at the French National!!! She is only 11 months old. But Palomino topped everything… not only  did he beat the BOB of the French National but also became BEST OF BREED and BEST IN GROUP under judge mr. Rutten

plus res. BEST IN SHOW under mrs. Ricky Lochs- Romans


© KYNOWEB - - Photo by Ernst von Scheven
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven

6 may Europasieger Dortmund Germany

Our youngsters did really well under dr. Peper!!!!

Qui Vive and his sister Qui Vivra Verra both got their youthtitle Europajugendsieger 2016

But Palomino won Best Of Breed and two more points towards his German Title but he also became res. BEST IN GROUP under the russian judge. Mrs. Anna Tits

24 april Lingen  Germany

Palomino get;’s his first CC towards the German Title. judge Mr. Jo Schepers

Utrecht Int. Dogshow

Palomino wins a BOB and res. Best In Group  at the show in Utrecht judge mr. Jan Coppens

but most exciting was our dear little daughter of Multich. Unicum du Greffier du Roi,

Qui Vivra Verra du Greffier du Roi won at hir first show 1exc. Youth CC and Full CC Best bitch, she is just 9 months old!

Her brother Qui Vive also took the youth CC

27 maart Int. Dogshow LUXEMBURG

PALOMINO wins BOB and res. BEST IN GROUP in Luxemburg and handled cleverly by Naomi van Mourik and gets the title LUXEMBURG CHAMPION.

© KYNOWEB - - Photo by Ernst von Scheven
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven

International Dogshow Eindhoven

Palomino wins BEST IN SHOW under judge Attila Czegledi from Hungary, group judge Mr. Dick Rutten. PAlomino was also BEST BRED BY OWNER in SHOW!!

12548886_1255061701187271_1590216290817814254_n BIS Eindhoven

TOPDOG of the YEAR 2015 show

 Ther could not have been a better start of the show season! On the 10th of januari we had our TOPDOG of the year show like the Champion of Championshow in other countries. Palomino was more than qualified. He competed in the Houndgroup under mrs. Birgit Sluiter and she gave him the honours by making him first! Then later for  Best in Show mrs. Roel van Veen- Keur chose Palomino as reserve BEST IN SHOW !!!12443530_10200997379492043_1125942829_o Everyone is smiling incl. the dog RBIS TOPHOND vh Jaar 2015

Like his father did 3 years ago!rBIS HvJ Xaxo klein


Amsterdam Hollandcup show and Winnershow

Palomino is unbeaten again, He wins BOB both days with a Group 3 on the Hollandcupshow and a BEST in GROUP on the Winnesrshow under mrs. Ricky Lochs-Romans, so he ended with the best 9 dogs out of 4200!BIG Winner Amsterdam

Sidekick Black Diamond finished her Dutch Championtitle!!! Congrats to the breeders Brent Humphry and Corey Benedict!Lacey Champion

Bleiswijk  Int. Dogshow 7 & * november

Palomino wins again Best of Breed and Best in Group BOTH DAYS!! On saturday he was even BEST IN SHOW  bred by owner!!


SouthWales KennelClub Association 9-10-2015

Palomino Strikes again!!! he wins his last CC to finish his UK Championtitle. the 2nd dog ever to win this title and the first one was our Multi Ch. Interessante du Greffier du Roi

BOB SWKAPalomino Ch.UK

Charleroi 3-10-15

Palomino won BOB again and went res. Best in group under mrs. Kerssemeijer

Maastricht Int. dogshow 2 days:

 1st day Palomino won championclass males and went Best of Breed, he won res. Best In Group under mrs. Graffman from Canada

the next day he won again Best of Breed and went Best in group inder mr. Wim Wellens and then ended up as 3rd Best in show!BIG MECC 2 BIS judging MECC 2 Palomino oving towards Best In Group!

Belgium: Libramont Int. Dogshow :  

1 exc. CAC & CACIB BOB & Best in Group

Palomino BIG Libramont 2 klein

Engeland: two shows 1 weekendPaignton

Paignton 2-08-15

Palomino strikes again. This time Best of Breed under breed specialist Mrs. Jenna Betts.

He wins his 2nd CC and later becomes res. Best in Group under mr. Frank Kane.11822613_1150027985023977_8327026144931935101_nHis son Pas de Quaoi du Greffier du Roi ( mrs. KAren Bayliss) wins Best puppy in breed!

Houndshow 1-08-15

On the prestigieus Houndshow the Grand Bassets were judged by the respectable mr. Hans Lethinen of Finland. Entry of 30

PALOMINO did it again Best of Breed and wins his first British CC. He was selected for BEST in SHOW but not placed.

BOB GBGV Houndshow 2015

België Luik int. Dogshow 17/8/2015

Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi gains her last CACIB for the title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.

 Palomino du Greffier du Roi wins again BOB. He also won BESTin GROUP and…… BEST IN SHOW Saturday!!Palomino BIS 18-07-15 Luik klein Palomino BOB Luik 2015 Palomino wining BIG Luik 2015

BGV ClubShow

Palomino wins Best male, Best of Breed and Best in Show!! D. Rutten

and a new title Clubwinner 2015!

Palomino BIS met Keurmeester 2Palomino at his best

WORLD DOGSHOW Milaan Italy 11-06-2015 judge Mr. Mannucci

PALOMINO du Greffier du Roi wins The WorldChampion title like last year and so Best Male and Best of breed!!! BOB WDS 15

He was selected with the best 10 dogs of a huge group 6 ( about 50 breeds!) Superbebly handled by Naomi van Mourik of showteam MilunaOn the move

KC. Oss 5 & 6 june

Palomino won another BOB under <rs. Horsten_ Ceustermans and BEST IN GROUP under Mrs. Cindy Kerssemei

jer and  4th BEST IN SHOW under Mr. de Cuyper !!!

BIG Ossand Action !BOB Oss kleinLacey winning BB

our  American guest Sidekick’s Black Diamond won her first CAC & CACIB in Europe!

Arnhem 24 mei Int. Dogshow

 Nl. Ch. Cassoulet du Greffier du Roi Finishes his internatonal Champion title, Well done Annette Kelderman!Sjaak Ned. kampioen

French CAC Club Show 24 may 2015 Aillant sur Tholon

Excellent results with all the dogs ( 15 !) including Best male openclass and best Champion GBGV.

Father and son Multi Champion Sauce Solferino and Ch. Yeux d’Or  won in males.

Our champion females did wel also nr. 4 & 5

Meute B-O 3 NE 2015 Yeux d'Or du Greffier du Roi CTF 4&5 NE 2015 Sauce Solferino Ch male Affiche NE 2015Palomino

Palomino moving towards BIG Barbo Antwerpen'15P. 3BIS Brabo klein

Braboshow Antwerpen: Again Palomino wins Best of Breed, Best in Group under mr. Zeniou from Cyprus and 3rd Best in Show under Mrs. Degryse ( Belgium)

April:  2 int. dogshows; Goes Palomino wins Best of Breed, Bestin group under specialist Mr. Paul Sanders and finally  3 Best in Show !

Fortune wins  Best bitch and Medaille is best junior again!  Excellent day for us.

1st of  March: Benelux Winner Show Groningen: judge huntingdogspecialist mrs. Ricky Lochs- Romans had an entry  of 10 dogs, we won:

Best Youthmale and Benelux Youth Winner and finishing Dutch Junior Championship:

Medaille d’Or du Greffier du Roi owner Marlou Könings and me

Dutch Youthchampion Medaille d’Or du Greffier du Roi Benelux youthwinner’15

Coeur d’Or du Greffier du Roi (Helene van Schie) won the same in females and is now also Dutch Junior Champion and Benelux Youthwinner and became Best Youthdog in breed and was selected within the best 15 of the show

Benelux jeugdwinner Calyse
Dutch Youth champion Coeur d’Or du Greffier du Roi Benelux Winner’15
Unicum Benelux winner
French, Dutch, Int, European Ch. Unicum du Greffier du Roi W’11 Benelux Winner15

and of course Multi Champion Palomino du Greffier du Roi won BEST OF BREED Benelux Winner and res. Best in Group!!

RBIG Benelux winner
Dutch Ch. WorldChampion Palomino du Greffier du Roi Fin.Ch. Dan. ChCr. Ch. Rom. Ch. CM CW’14, Dan. Winner ’14 JW&W’13 Dutch YouthChampion

Januari 2015 Started really well for us:  TOPDOG of the YEAR show

Only dogs with certain wins on shows like group 1,2,3 or Clubchampions are invited.

Palomino was the only Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen entered. The houndgroup 6 was fairly big with numerous dogs that had notorious wins in 2014.

BIG was a Bassethound but PALOMINO won res. BEST IN GROUP  so he ended with the top 20 dogs of all Breeds in the Netherlands!Palomino flying HvhJ show 14-2RBIG6 DvhJ


Wijchen  Christmas show

Palomino won again Best male & BOB & RBIG !!! Proud of our starboy!P RBIG wijchen14

Medaille d’Or won Best junior male youth CC and full CCMedaille d'Or du Greffier du Roi 2

Coeur d’Or  won best junior female youth CC and Best female beating several other females! proud owner Helen v. Schie

Coeur d'Or du Greffier du Roi 2


Calyse BOS 2


WONDERFUL DAY ! We finished 2 more Champions!!!

Brother and sister both became Dutch Champion today 

We proudly present  Palomino du Greffier du Roi  Palomino Poitiers

He became also res. Best in Group cleverly handled by Naomi van Mourik

and his sister Pomerol du Greffier du RoiPomerol res. BIG Anger 2014 klein

Also Medaille d’Or du Greffier du Roi and Quelle Fortune du Greffier du Roi  had their dutch debut in de the ring and both got 1st Exc and the Youth CC!

Thanks to judge Jos Roberts!


Herning & Danish Winner Show 1 & 2 -11

Palomino wins CAC & CACIB & BOB the first day and becomes a Danish Champion!

The second day he had the same result but he also got the title DANISH WINNER

in the group he finished as res. Best In Group by Mrs. Colette Muldoon who really loved him!

Group 6 HerningGroup 6 Hening 2Palomino rBIG


Poitiers Int. Dogshow 18-october: Palomino got again CACIB and BOB this tim under judge  breedspecialist Mr. Genichon and he judged the group as well with this result:

Palomino BEST IN GROUP nr. 1: Mr. Genichon marked in his rapport “Oustanding dog in construction and breedtype, Excellent scull with wonderful ears. Excellent tail carriage. Excellent character. Moves very agile and especially very elegant. “P- BOB Poitiers P- Moving to BIG Poitiers P- Mr. Palomino

Orléans int. Dogshow 11 october : Breedspecialist judge mr. Favre: Palomino wins CACIB and BOB 3rd Best in Group under mrs. Matthews from Ireland

but even better he became 3rd BEST in SHOW of all Champions of all breeds!!! judge mr. Griol ( France)

P-3rd BIG OrleansP-3rd BIS Champion Orleans

3 & 14 september: Dracula show Romania:

Mr. Palomino won  the first show 3x BOB, BIG 2 and BIG 1 and the 2nd day  3x BOB, 2x BIG2 that made him a Romanian Champion and a Romanian Grand Champion. BIG thank you to Naomi van Mourik who handled him so well!

Palomino Dracula show

WORLDDOGSHOW  Helsinki Finland 9-8-2014

Judge mr. Jean Paul Kerihuel France

WOOOOWWW what a result:

our boy or Poika as they say in Finland, won Best male championclass over 8 Champions from all over Europe

Then he won the CAC by beating the other classes and finally became Best male and so got the CACIB and the WORLDWINNER title 2014.

On top of that he got the title Finish Champion

Finally he beated the bitch and became BEST OF BREED !!!!

Merci beaucoup monsieur le juge !!!

Palomino BOB WDS 14Palomino-WW-1024x602

Palomino WW14 klein

and then we waited for the groupjudging

Palomino waiting for BOG

unfortunately he wasn’t placed. But still we got all this:WDS14 Rozettes

 12th July: Maubeuge Dogshow France: Palomino was the star again…. BOB under breedspecialist mr. Boitard, BEST IN GROUP under mr. Kerihuel and r. BEST IN SHOW under mr. Barenne.RBIS



22 st June Clubshow of the Dutch GriffonVendéen Club: again we won everything. Best male, Best female, Best working dog, Best Puppy in Show and Best Brace.
BOB Clubshow 14

We could not stay and compete for BIS for we had to go back to Uden int. Dogshow to compete for BIS.

21st June : Uden Outdoor int. Dogshow: Palomino became BOB, BEST in GROUP and 3rd BEST IN SHOW !!!

1st June CAC Club show BGV Club NederlandPalomino CW 14

Palomino du Greffier du Roi won 1exc. CAC Best male and Best of Breed & rBest in SHOW!

Coeur de Vendee kl. BPIS

Coeur de Vendée du Greffier du Roi won Very promissing and Best GBGV puppy and BEST PUPPY in SHOW!

Pomerol beste teef

Pomerol du Greffier du Roi 1exc CAC and Best Bitch by beating several Champions!!

Nouvelle beste werkhond

Ch. Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi  won 1 exc. in workingclass and won BEST GBGV Working dog and best Workingdog in Show.

Nouvelle and Vendée were also best brace in show. 

France May 29 all breed dogshow Evreux judge Mr. Genichon

Palomino du Greffier du Roi won 1exc. CAC Best male and Best of Breed

His father multi Ch. Xpreszo du Greffier du Roi won 1exc ch. class

Coeur de Vendée du Greffier du Roi won Very promissing and Best GBGV puppy

Ch. Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi  won 1 exc. CAC from workingclass

Multi Ch. Unicum du du Greffier du Roi won 1st exc. Best bitch

Palomino won Best in Group and finally Best in SHOW 3

France may 18 Vittel judge Mr. Rousset

We came for the last CC for Obi  to finish his French Champion title……..Oh boy and what did we get????

Dutch, Int. Port. Champion Sauce Solferino Du Greffier du Roi NJK CW’12  won 1st exc. CAC and is now a FRENCH Champion as well!

He got beaten by his son Ch. Yeux d’Or du Greffier du Roi who became not only best male but also Best of Breed!

Coeur de Vendee du Greffier du Roi went Best puppy in Breed by beating his sister Coeur Spéciale du Grefffier du Roi.

The young girl Pomerol du Greffier du Roi NJK, JW’13 won her first CAC and became Best bitch by beating our great Multi Ch. Champion

Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi. Pomerol seems to follow her brother Palomino!

Our “du Greffier du Roi ” Pack won res. best Pack!

Rbest Pack Vittel klein

Finally Yeux d’Or won  Best in group 6 under breedjudge and groupjudge mr. Bernard Rousset.

Finally in the BIS competition. Yeux d’Or was selected with the best 3 but only one was placed as nr. 1. The BIS judge was mr. Soulat who

made Ch. Yeux d’Or BEST in SHOW!!! We were complemented about how natural our dogs looked!
Bis Vittel Doris BIS Vittel klein

Croatia May 1-4

Palo & Naomi ZADAR

Palomino wins his Croatian Champion title by winning

2x Best of Opposite Seks , 2x Best of Breed, 1x Best in Group and 1x 3rd Best in  Group!

All in the expert hands of NAOMI van Mourik of showteam Miluna!

Palomino BIG Zadar 3-5-14

Thank you Noami for your expert handling and team Miluna for the support!!

France: Amiens Int. Dogshow CAC & CACIB

Our Show team won:

Best puppy in breed : Coeur de Vendée du Greffier du RoiCoeur de Vendee Best puppy Amiens 2014   

Best male and BOB: Palomino du Greffier du Roi & 3rd Best in Group !!Palomino BOB Amiens 2014

Best bitch and a New French Champion : Ch. Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du RoiTerre Nouvelle French Champion

Res. Best bitch: Multi Ch. Unicum du Greffier du RoiMulti Ch. Unicum du Greffier du Roi R.CACIB

In brace class Palomino and Nouvelle were selected with the best 5 out of 25 braces!

Amiens team 2014

 Utrecht Int. Dogshow:

Greffier du Roi Groep utrecht 2014

Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi wins her last CC for the title of Dutch Champion

she got 1 Exc. CAC & CACIB from workingclass.

Palomino du Greffier du Roi won 1st Exc. CAC & CACIB & BOB and….. BEST IN GROUP 6!

Palomino BOB + BIG Utrecht klein

21-03-2014 We haven’t shown in the Netherlands yet but we did show abroad:

USA Kansas City 13-16 March 4 days 8 shows! Our young star was shown at 7 shows

Palomino du Greffier du Roi  won 5 BEST IN SHOWS !

Palomino USA

Wonderfully handled by our dear friend Corey Benedict, Thank you Corey!!!

Douai France CAC show 3 march

Ch. Sauce Solferino du Greffier du Roi  1Exc. CAC Best male and Best of Breed

Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi  1 Exc. CAC Best Female

DOUAI France 4- march CACIB Show

Ch. Sauce Solferino du Greffier du Roi  1Exc. CAC & CACIB Best male and Best of Breed

Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi  1 Exc. CAC & CACIB Best Female


Wijchen Christmasshow

Palomino finishes his title Dutch Youth Champion and gains his 5th CC!

Palomino Jeugdkampioen

Couronne du Greffier du Roi gaines her first CC and becomes res. Best Bitch!
Wijchen Couronne klein

Amsterdam Winnershow 15- 12- 2013

Palomino du Greffier du Roi won the titles: Youthwinner and Winner 2013 Best male & Best of breedPalomino Winner
He was selected with the best 6 dogs of the Houndgroup ! He is really following his fathers footsteps!

Palomino JW & W13 Amsterdam

His littersister Pomerol du Greffier du Roi also won Youthwinster 2013 and finished her title of Dutch Youth Champion! and became res. best Bitch! Merol is owned by Ellen Lammers, Bert Nuesink and us.

Couronne was awarded with 1 Excellent in intermediate class.Couronne du Greffier du Roi

Zwolle Int. Dogshow 6-10-2013

What a fantastic day we had. The honourable Judge mr. Jan Coppens judges our breed thoroughly. The results are:

Sjakie NJK'13
Cassoulet du Greffier du Roi Dutch Youth Champion
owner: Annette Kelderman

Cassoulet du Greffier du Roi 1 exc.  Youth CC and res. CAC which finishes his title Youth Champion!! Proud owner is Annette Kelderman!
Couronne du Greffier du Roi 1 exc. intermediate class
Pomerol du Greffier du Roi 1 exc. Youth CC + CAC Best Bitch on her 2nd show! WOW, proudly owned by Ellen Lammers en co-owned by us.
and the cherry on the
cake was our goldenboy:1669 - IJsselshow 2013 -20131006 - 14 - 21 - IMG_6880foto Kynoweb

Multi Ch. Xpreszo du Greffier du Roi  did it again!!!! 1 Exc. CAC & CACIB & BOB & BEST IN GROUP 6 and nr. 5 BEST IN SHOW !!!!!



Maastricht Dogshow 

Our beloved Multi Ch Interessante du Greffier du Roi wins her last point for the title VETERAN CHAMPION the first one in the breed n Holland!
Thank you Marina for taking such good care of her!Terra hoofd


Dutch Club Specialty 23-06-2013

We had a splendid day! all our dogs did well. We decided to leave all the big champions at home and let the younger generation proof themselves. And what a result:

Sardou CW13Terre Brûlée du Greffier du Roi Sardou 2 CW13

from Marlou and me won

the CC Beste male and Best of Breed CW’13 and res. best in Show !

His littersister Nouvelle CC Clubshow13Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi won the CC in females  out of working class and was Best Workingdog in Show!Nouvelle BIS Werkhond

VVoie Royale du Greffier du Roi

VVoie Royale du Greffier du Roi from Marina Visschers got the res. CC and finished her Dutch Championtitle with that point. Well done Marina and “Zizou”!

Our younger generation Palomino Palomino du Greffier du Roi 10 months

and his sister Pomerol 2Pomerol du Greffier du Roi both won the Youthclass and got a point towards the YouthChampiontitle. Palomino also got the res. CC!

Nationale D’Elevage France  19-05-2013

St. Sulpice les Feuilles

This year we had to make a choice between the Worlddogshow  in Budapest or the French Championship Clubshow because they both took place in the same weekend……. it was not difficult to decide!
Of course we went to France. As a true BGV lover you want to compare and compete in the country of origin where the biggest competition takes place under breedspecialists.
This year Mr. Goubie was the judge for all the regular classes en Mr. Bouvet judged the puppyclass and the juniors.

Our Grand Basset team did extremely well, again!  No worldshow can beat this result:

1 Exc Intermediate class males  Terre Brûlée du Greffier du Roi    Co-owned with Marlou Könings
1 Exc Openclass males                 Ch. Yeux d’Or du Greffier du Roi  Co-owned with Margret Obdeijn
2Exc. Workingclass males+ r.CAC Zucchero du Greffier du Roi  co-owned with Frederic Mayeur
  Exc  workingclass males            Ch.  Yeux du Monde du Greffier du Roi  owned by Mafalda Marques
1 Exc Championclass males        Ch. Sauce Solferino du Greffier du Roi
2 Exc Championclass males        Ch. A’Lascar
3 Exc Championclass males        Ch. Xpreszo du Greffier du Roi  co-owned with Marlou Könings
2 Exc  youthclass females             Couronne du Greffier du Roi
3 Exc youthclass females              Pomerol du Greffier du Roi  co-owned with Ellen Lammer
1 Exc intermediate ckas females Brune do Casal dos Choupos
1 Exc. openclass females + rCAC VVivre sa Vie du Greffier du Roi owned by Mafalda Marques
1 Exc. workingclass females CAC Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi  Best bitch!
1 Exc. championclass females      Ch. Unicum du Greffier du Roi

2 & 3rd best Pack
1st Best breedersgroup
1 Best offspringgroup

Best huntingdog on roedeer season 2012-2013 Yeux du Monde du Greffier du Roi

Couronne Dumond 2013 Challenge Dumond XAXO the king Unicum beste Kamp.teef NE13 Sardou on the move Sardou on the move 2 Nouvelle CAC Teven NE 2013 2 GBGV Beste fokgroep Fokgroep du Greffier du Roi Doris 1 exc COM CAC Teven NE 2013


Crufts 2013

 Xaxo wins Best dog and Best of Breed under breedspecialist mrs. Linda Skerrit

Xaxo Best dog Crufts 2013Xaxo BOB Crufts 13

and later in the BIG Houndgroup

577848_3940475088880_1855783356_n BB986AC3929D-19 577006_548853235153525_548708720_n

Xaxo rules again!

He wins res. Best in Show at the Dog of the Year show!

rBIS HvJ Xaxo klein

Xaxo Flying Dutchman

XAXO finishes as  nr. 5 dog of all breeds in 2012 in only 5 shows!

Xaxo wins Res. BEST IN SHOW at Wijchen.

Xaxo au naturel HvJ 12-1

Xaxo wins another Best in Show!!!

This time at the BGV 25TH anniversay CC Clubshow at the BGV Worldcongress in the UK!

Best In Show in Loison sous Lens in France under breedjudge

mr. Eymar-Dauphin and BIS Judge Mr. Kerihuel and became a French Champion! & Best of Breed at the French National’12 for the 3rd time !!!!!

BEST IN GROUP for Xaxo at Hulten & Maastricht Dogshow & Alkmaar Dogshow & Bleiswijk & Wijchen!!!

3rd Best in Group In Zwolle!

Xaxo BIS Loison sous Lens