We export our dogs all over the world, like Japan,the USA, Canada, Russia, Ned. Antilles, Mexico, all over Europe, etc.. In fact in most countries breeders started off  with a “du Greffier du Roi”, or have them in their bloodlines wether it is in the Netherlands, the USA, the UK, Scandinavia, all over Europe, etc. Especially France, several French breeders use our dogs.


We are very happy to know that finally the Grand Basset made it to the first step of recognition in the USA after sending the first GBGV male over there in 1987! 30 years later in 2018 they will be fully recognized by AKC.

Thank you Corey and Brent of Sidekick Kennels you’ve have done a marvelous job!    Reveur
12232754_10206216973278261_7711207182476068819_oTop American Grand Basset and Top Miscellaneous all time!

Dutch Champion Sidekick’s Black Diamond CM 27